June 24, 2022
Top 10 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular means of edutainment (education with a flair of entertainment). And for good reason—they’re informative, easily accessible, and free. Many people turn to this medium to further their education and awareness on various subjects, and entrepreneurship is no exception. But where do you start? Simply searching “Podcasts for entrepreneurs” or “business podcasts” will turn up an endless sea of results, many of which focus on interviews with famous business leaders. But for those looking for actionable tips, sometimes hearing stories of the super-successful can be intimidating and lack tangible advice applicable to them and their business. 

Running a business requires a multitude of talents, so we’ve curated a list of podcasts to help you hone ten skills all entrepreneurs should possess. 

Productivity and Time Management 

One of the biggest obstacles that entrepreneurs face is simply having enough time in the day to manage their business operations, come up with new innovative products and services, grow their clientele, and still live a balanced life outside of work. You can make the most of every minute by sharpening your time management skills. On Take Back Time, host Penny Zenker uses her experience as a strategic business coach to break down the basics of time management. She’ll help you not only scale your business, but find greater efficiency and fulfillment in your personal life, too. 

And for more tips in the same realm, check out our blog on Productivity. 


Even if your company isn’t related to the arts, every business leader needs to be able to think creatively to overcome challenges and stand out in the market. If the thought of expressing yourself creatively feels daunting or unnatural, maybe it’s time for a Creative Pep Talk. In his show, illustrator and public speaker Andy J. Pizza teaches everyone how to harness their innate creative power. 


Have a great business idea but feel lost when it comes to finding investors? The Pitch with host Josh Muccio will get you started. This podcast will walk you through the pitching process, whether you’re starting small with family and friends or looking to seek funding from venture capitalists. Hear from real investors on what they’re looking for and real entrepreneurs on how they found success. 


Leadership skills are learned through experience, but education on the topic can help you build a strong foundation. The Leadership Lifestyle Podcast will help you learn and practice those skills so you can guide people with confidence and authority in all aspects of your life. 

Strategic Thinking 

Strategic thinking is all about taking steps now that set you up for success in the future. In Strategic Thinking from Gray, Gray & Gray, Director of Strategic Business Planning Bryan Pearce gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look into the ways contemporary business leaders are dealing with current challenges and positioning their organizations for future success. 


It’s nearly impossible to achieve success in business without experiencing some failures along the way. If your Plan A doesn’t pan out, or even your Plan B or C, you’re not alone. Bouncing back may be easier said than done, but with some advice from the Road to Resilience Podcast, you’ll learn how to get back on your feet, and end up stronger than you were before. 

Communication Skills 

Making the sale. Securing the investor. Interviewing top talent. Pitching to new markets. What do these all have in common? The need for great communication skills. Every interaction, large or small, depends on them. In Dan O’Connor’s Communication Skills Training Podcast, “the world’s number one tactical communication skills expert” shares his secrets of the trade so that you never have to feel at a loss for words during any important conversation. 


For those who are earlier in their entrepreneurial journey and are working on branding (or just feel a bit of a brand refresh is in order), learn from the best in the industry on JUST Branding. Hosted by Jacob Cass and Matt Davies, it’s full of actionable tips you can put to use while developing your brand identity, purpose, and position. 

For a deep dive into brand naming in particular, check out Part One and Part Two of our Business Starter Guide. 


Whether your business is centered around a new product or innovative service, sales are the engine that drive it forward. If you don’t have any formal sales training, no need to worry— 

Make it Happen Mondays with John Barrows will give you concrete sales advice you can put into action right away to start closing more business. 

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills 

Public speaking doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing experience. In fact, on Sarah Archer’s podcast The Speaking Club: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking, she teaches strategies on how to make it enjoyable and even humorous. As a stand-up comedian and businesswoman, Sarah knows the importance of infusing clear, concise speech with a healthy dose of humor to help your business presentations stand out. 

Incorporating Podcasts into Your Daily Life 

Even if your day is jam-packed, chances are you could fit in a few minutes of a podcast here or there. Some great opportunities include: 

  • On your commute to work 
  • While taking a walk during your lunch break 
  • While exercising or walking your pet 
  • While doing tasks around the house, like washing dishes or folding laundry 
  • While doing a leisure activity that you would usually pair with music (making art, doing a jigsaw puzzle, relaxing on the beach, etc.) 

The most popular podcast-streaming platforms are Spotify and Apple Podcasts, followed by Google Podcasts. You can listen on your phone or play them directly off your computer. 

Even better than listening to podcasts alone is sharing your newfound knowledge with colleagues and friends. Grab your free day pass and come spend the day at LifeWorking to network and discuss your latest listens. 

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