January 23, 2023
The Benefits of Shared Workspaces for Mental Health

When the covid-19 pandemic hit, the nature of workspaces changed virtually overnight. Many companies moved toward remote or hybrid working environments, which are continuing to flourish in the post-pandemic “new normal.” However, employees working in these reorganized business models still need a way to interact with colleagues, customers, and other businesses in an accessible way.

That’s where flexible and shared workspaces come into play. A shared workspace provides remote workers with a selection of optimized workspaces, including software and other tools, that increases collaboration and productivity without the stress—or cost—of maintaining a central office. While these spaces are a boon for productivity, they also have another, perhaps more important, benefit—a positive impact on the mental health of those who take advantage of them.

How Flexible Workspaces Improve Employee Mental Health

Working remotely has its benefits, but it also has some significant disadvantages as well. Many remote workers report feeling isolated and lonely, and two out of every three actually quit their jobs due to this feeling of disconnection. Sharing spaces with other workers is an integral part of feeling connected, fulfilled, and satisfied. Flexible workspaces offer these advantages, as well as other benefits that contribute to better employee mental health and wellbeing.

A Way to Connect

Shared workspaces provide the remote or hybrid workforce with ways to connect with others for business or socializing. Many feature lounges and conference areas that are designed to encourage discussion, collaboration, and networking. Some even offer members-only events where ideas and support can be gathered and exchanged to foster a sense of community and solidarity. However, unlike traditional office environments, socializing in flexible workspaces is never mandatory or compulsory, so workers can participate when—and if—they feel like it.

A Feeling of Meaningfulness and Camaraderie

One study showed that employees that work in flexible workspaces are thriving much more than their traditional office-bound workmates. Because shared workspaces are comprised of individuals from a number of industries and work backgrounds that are not in direct competition with one another, there is a lack of company politics, making for a more peaceful environment. In addition, people working in these spaces found themselves with stronger work identities that encouraged helping others by using unique skills. The culture of these workspaces contributes to feelings of being a distinctive and meaningful part of a team rather than simply another cog in the system.

A Sense of Control

Maintaining personal autonomy can be difficult in a traditional office environment, but shared workspaces underscore the value that control over one’s schedule and environment have on mental health. Because flexibility is critical to a good work-life balance, these workspaces help employees feel more in control of their daily lives. Most flexible workspaces are open around the clock, so workers can choose to work when they are at their most productive—and take breaks when they need. And yet, there is always the structure of the workspace community to help provide some motivation to keep productivity high.

Let LifeWorking Help You Find the Right Flexible Workspace for Your Budget

A happy team is a productive one. Whether your current staff is working fully remotely or you have adopted a hybrid work model, adding a membership to a shared workspace can be just the ticket to boost morale and productivity.

Our LifeWorking spaces are designed with all the tools, technologies, and perks your employees need to be efficient, effective, and happy. Not only do we provide memberships for every budget, but we also add a host of value-added extras, such as networking events, learning opportunities, and more. Plus, we want our community to feel comfortable and confident at work, so we provide amenities that help, like on-site shower facilities for those who like to work out and free coffee, tea, and spa water for that special touch.

Adding a coworking membership to your employee benefits could be the perfect way to attract and retain high-level talent. It is also a great option to help current employees reconnect, reinvigorate, and get more out of their careers. In turn, you get the benefit of a more satisfied, healthier workforce that can help your business grow faster and stronger.

To take a closer look at how our shared facilities can positively impact your remote or hybrid workforce, book a tour today and consider adding a membership to your employee benefits. Our team of helpful coworking experts is standing by to show you how our facilities can help your staff be more productive, more collaborative, and healthier in the years to come.

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