February 26, 2019
It’s still Winter… What’s not to Love?

If you are like us, you’ve felt that this Winter has been exceptional – in all the tough ways. Starting earlier this year, lots of snow and freezing rain. Snow-maggedon followed by Arctic Tundra temperatures, an immediate thaw, more deep-freeze conditions, more snow and freezing rain.

What’s not to love?

Reflections on making the most of it until we see tulips and daffodils. (Seriously? There’s an up side?)

Explorations on The Great Indoors

Hot beverages. Of all kinds. Hot Chocolate, Bulletproof Coffee, Chai Tea. Even a little Irish Coffee is called for in this weather – as long as you don’t then go outside to make snow angels! (or attempt to drive)

Joy of the fireplace. Especially at night. Sitting with just the firelight while the winds blow outside. Relaxation at it’s finest.

Comfort food. We are far enough away from swimsuit weather to indulge. We were made to eat heavy foods during “Chi-bernation”: pot roast, potatoes, pasta. Chocolate. By March 20th, back to diet discipline!

Calming quiet. Streets are really quiet. We in the Midwest are proud of our hearty heritage to “tough it out” in brutal Winter weather. But this was dangerous. It was strangely quiet during the day, even in the city, because it’s not especially encouraging when your eyelashes freeze in the first 20 seconds of going outside.

Starting to get lighter longer. The Groundhog comes out at just about the right time. By the first week of February, it is noticeably lighter earlier and later. Just a peak that there is still a bit of light, around 5:00 pm up North, is reason to cheer.

Rallying together. Shoveling driveways, jump-starting cars, checking in on those that are a bit less robust. Neighbors and colleagues – we’re in this together and we show our better angels.

Post-hibernation is absolutely welcome! We need our sunshine and vitamin D, not to mention eliminating the “takes me 20 minutes to put on my coat, boots, gloves, scarf/scarves, hat, more layers….” routine.

Until then, find a warm corner to tuck into and be productive….

P.S. – Just in case you didn’t pick up on the above, we have hot coffee, teas and warm community inside. Stop in and get out of the cold!

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