February 27, 2023
Step Outside the Office to Achieve Better Results for Your Business Team 

All jobs have positives and negatives, and every employee has good and bad days. However, sticking to the same routine day in, day out can impact your team’s creativity and job performance. Business creativity involves applying new and versatile problem-solving models to typical business processes such as accounting, human resources issues, and other obstacles facing modern businesses. Using creative thinking to enhance a team’s performance and motivation is essential to helping employees reach new heights of problem-solving. 

One way to keep teams motivated is to help them break out of repetitive office routines that can stymie collaboration and contribute to workplace tedium. The perfect, simple way to do this is to switch up work locations to energize your team’s creativity and help them see old problems in a new way. 

How Shared Workspaces Can Help Creativity and Collaboration Flourish 

Whether your staff works remotely, in a brick-and-mortar office, or a mix of the two (hybrid), providing new surroundings in the form of shared workspaces can do more than just reinvigorate lagging morale and rusty problem-solving. Sharing office space with diverse groups not only stimulates collaboration but can even help your employees forge new connections that can help your business thrive. In addition, these spaces bring a host of other benefits that can help both employees and the businesses they support thrive. 

Tried and Tested 

Electronics giant Samsung created shared workspaces to provide a testing ground for boosted creativity that can come from a more flexible working environment. To their delight, employees were more productive and happier in these spaces, nudging Samsung to keep the facilities open permanently. Samsung’s testing spaces join the 18,700 other shared facilities around the world, which are projected to expand to over 41,000 by the end of 2024 due to their benefits and popularity. 

Nix the Loneliness, Amplify the Collaboration 

Of the workers who are employed remotely, almost half of them feel that isolation and loneliness pose a significant barrier to higher productivity. Fortunately, shared workspaces provide a simple solution. In fact, 83% of workers in these spaces experience a sense of camaraderie and belonging, and almost 90% of them report being happier. It is easy to see why they’re so effective at helping businesses thrive. 

Collaborative Spaces that Support Productivity 

Collaborative work isn’t the only kind that helps businesses grow. Employees also need spaces in which they can focus on tasks that require full concentration. That is why a mix of collaborative space and private areas can help provide the perfect balance between “we” time and “me” time for employees. Distractions can change daily—music that is soothing one day can grate the next, so spaces that allow employees to retreat into an environment that supports them is key. Most shared workspaces provide versatile areas that provide a mix of functional spaces, including meeting and conference rooms for working collaboratively, private offices for solitude, and even more public spaces for socialization. 

LifeWorking Has the Right Balance of Space to Spark Creativity 

Does your team need a break from the humdrum of routine office life? Do your remote workers need a space where they can work collaboratively with colleagues or business partners to get more done? And do you want a one-stop solution that can offer your team spaces designed with their needs in mind?  

Our space has everything your team needs and more. In today’s ever-changing business environment, having a flexible workspace can make the difference between an average business outcome and great success. When your team has the tools, technologies, and spaces they need to make hybrid work or remote work environments function as they need to, you have a recipe for greater productivity. 

In fact, with our convenient membership tiers, you can even offer your staff working in a traditional office environment the opportunity to break out of their typical routine and amplify their creative abilities with some time in one of our flexible workspaces. 

Want to know more about how our state-of-the-art facilities can add versatility, flexibility, and a creative boost to your staff? Just book a tour today and let one of our team members help you explore the many ways our shared workspaces can amplify your staffs’ creativity, job satisfaction, and your business results.  

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