October 25, 2022
Shared Workspace — More Than Just a Desk?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, hybrid and remote work environments are becoming more popular among companies and employees alike. In fact, nearly three-quarters of American businesses are looking to establish permanent hybrid work models, with 63% of fast-growing companies using a hybrid model that emphasizes a “productivity anywhere” culture. And that option is appealing to the workforce, as more than half of employees want to work remotely for at least three days out of their work week. For that reason, businesses who offer these opportunities are far more appealing to prospective job seekers.

However, finding space for a hybrid workplace can be daunting for some businesses, especially startups and those that are using capital to expand business opportunities. Purchasing brick-and-mortar office space can be difficult to finance and the expanded technology and IT requirements for a company-owned workspace are on the rise, particularly when companies commit to offering a hybrid work environment.

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution that can bring the best that hybrid work models have to offer to both employers and their staff — shared workspaces.

The Long-Term Benefits of Shared Workspaces for Businesses and Employees

Our post-pandemic world is gradually adjusting to a host of changes, many of which are taking place in the business world as companies and workers shift to a hybrid or remote working environment. Hybrid staff have specific needs that can easily be met — and enhanced — by using state-of-the-art shared workspaces in your community.

These communal work environments offer both companies and their staff a wide range of powerful benefits that can contribute to staff productivity, performance, and overall satisfaction with their jobs. This, in turn, allows businesses to thrive and grow, even in the face of shifting markets. Here are just a few of the many advantages a shared workspace can offer:


Many companies cannot afford to design an office that fully meets employee needs. First, commercial real estate can be expensive and put a big dent in capital expenditures. Then, you must outfit your office with the right technology to ensure they have the right tools to perform at a high level. Shared workspaces are a boon to productivity, with 74% of workers reporting increased productivity when working in a shared environment. Since these shared workspaces are specifically designed to meet their members’ needs in terms of noise, air quality, temperature, ergonomics, lighting, and more, they are excellent at promoting greater creativity and productivity.

Importantly, you can get as much — or as little — space as you need for your business as it responds to changes in the market without hampering your business with a high-interest mortgage.

Greater Flexibility

As the Great Resignation continues, workers are becoming increasingly particular about what their job has to offer. In fact, employees with flexible working conditions appreciated this benefit even more than salary. In some cases, inflexibility was a deal-breaker when considering job offers, so the key to getting — and retaining — high level talent is to offer a way for employees to create a schedule that serves them.

Shared workspaces make this task simple, as many allow employees around-the-clock access to office spaces, technology, and amenities like on-site fitness and dining options. Not only does this feature ensure your staff can create a schedule that is perfect for their well-being and needs, but it also creates an environment where last-minute deadlines and unexpected work tasks can be handled simply and effectively.

Easy Collaboration

Collaboration is a must in most business settings, whether that means working with colleagues, coordinating with business partners, or communicating with customers or potential clients. Best practices using ratio seating in the workplace indicate that there should be one seat in a shared setting for every desk seat so that employees have the opportunity to move easily from quiet work to collaboration when the need arises.

While establishing this type of seating might be expensive in a traditional office setting, shared workspaces make it easy and cost effective, since they are designed with the need for collaboration in mind.

Establishing Connections

Connections are the lifeblood of businesses and shared workspaces are one way to make the kind of connections that can help accelerate business growth. Not only are you and your employees able to interact with other professionals, but some workspaces even offer networking events and other programs that help foster community, collaboration, and innovation.

Ready to Get the Benefits a Shared Workspace Offers?

Any business large or small can benefit from membership in a shared workspace. Have employees that live outside of a metropolitan area? A suburban workspace will reduce or eliminate their commute while providing the necessary technology and tools for them to work effectively. At LifeWorking, we know that life-work balance is an important benefit for discerning workers and a great way for businesses to attract the talent they need for optimal performance.

That’s why we have created workspaces that help companies, organizations, and teams work to their highest level. We provide ideally designed work environments with all the state-of-the-art tools and tech needed — and we manage it all so you and your employees can just get down to business. Couple that with expertly crafted collaborative spaces, events, and programs that encourage connection and social networking, and a host of amenities that make the workplace a healthy, fun, and productive place to be and you have a formula for a thriving business.

If you’re ready to check out the many advantages our community of shared workspaces has to offer, please book a tour today. We look forward to meeting you and helping your business meet — or exceed — your goals!

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