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LifeWorking Helps You Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Close-to-Home Commute

Close-to-Home Commute

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Increased Workforce Engagement

Increased Workforce Engagement

Some of your employees are spread across suburban areas with a long commute that impacts their engagement and effective working hours. In order for you to increase employee satisfaction and overall productivity, it's important to offer a telecommute alternative that will enable them to be productive close to home.

Our facilities range from open collaboration spaces to quiet private areas. Whether your employees need a place to network and engage with others, a quiet corner to focus, or a private phone booth to make that important and confidential call, we have it covered. Our innovative suburban workspaces will meet your employees where they live, helping you increase productivity, promote work-life balance and achieve better performance from a more engaged workforce.

See how other companies have loved using our spaces as Remote Office Solutions.


“The real value isn’t only the collaboration, but meeting other businesses and taking advantage of that kind of community that exists here in a collaborative space that has innovative ideas and programs, and special events that have opportunities to improve your business.”


Susan Kelsey

“When my business partner and I started our business almost tree years ago now, we were looking for this exact business environment. Being able to be here and network with other people that can lead us to opportunities has been a huge upside to having an office at LifeWorking.”


Corby Lamb


“Balance is the right word. I have a place that I come to work and a place that I live my life. I think she’s even happier than I am and I’m ecstatic. This was a great business decision, just to kind of come in and have that normal work environment experiences.”

Tom Fletcher

Director of Marketing, Fujifilm/Fujinon

“I think that’s important – the whole collaborative nature of this space – versus our office. I think that has added value to us besides just the connections we’ve made. For me, it’s more of an engagement thing, I think as an employee I’m more engaged here, as a business we’re more engaged here.”


Bill Garcia

Commodity Manager, Rockwell Automation

“It was very plug and play. I had access to the internet, phones, printing facilities, and a beautiful, comfortable, space to work with a very supportive team. And soon we were off the races and ready to go with our team. This is just one of those really flexible environments where we can scale up and scale down with our needs on a daily basis”


Sarah Somers

Founder at DESEDA

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