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LifeWorking Coworking Meets You Where You Want To Be

Greater Chicagoland Presence

Greater Chicagoland Presence

Hassle-Free Coworking

Hassle-Free Coworking

Easy Accessibility

Easy Accessibility

Increased Workforce Engagement

Increased Workforce Engagement

Increasing your presence and influence can be a real challenge in a corporate world that continues to move towards a more mobile workforce. Flexible and easily accessible workspaces are key to enable your company to achieve sustainable growth without the hassle and risk of long term commitments.

We recognize that there are many places where your company wants to be. We also recognize that we are not everywhere - yet. So we will offer our exclusive LifeWorking memberships and partner with other Coworking locations to help you be everywhere you need to be. We will serve as your single point of contact, helping you expand your network and increase your presence across Chicagoland and beyond. You will be able to offer your employees multiple alternatives for remote and easily accessible workplaces and, ultimately, improve overall performance and productivity through increased workforce engagement.

See how other companies have loved using LifeWorking Coworking.


“Balance is the right word. I have a place that I come to work and a place that I live my life. I think she’s even happier than I am and I’m ecstatic. This was a great business decision, just to kind of come in and have that normal work environment experiences.”

Tom Fletcher

Director of Marketing, Fujifilm/Fujinon

“Coworking really defines ultimate flexibility and quality of life. It allows me to be in an environment that allows me to get work done that I need to do during my day.  I will tell you it has, hands down, been the single best investment we have ever made.”

Corby Lamb


“I think that’s important – the whole collaborative nature of this space – versus our office. I think that has added value to us besides just the connections we’ve made. For me, it’s more of an engagement thing, I think as an employee I’m more engaged here, as a business we’re more engaged here.”


Bill Garcia

Commodity Manager, Rockwell Automation


Paul Siebert

Innovation Leader, Brunswick Corporation


AbbVie Project Team

“It was very plug and play. I had access to the internet, phones, printing facilities, and a beautiful, comfortable, space to work with a very supportive team. And soon we were off the races and ready to go with our team. This is just one of those really flexible environments where we can scale up and scale down with our needs on a daily basis”

Sarah Somers

Founder at DESEDA

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