October 11, 2017
Live life, do more – Coworking, What’s in it for Me?

Seems logical to ask “What’s in it for Me?” when examining working at a coworking space.

What we’re here to do for you is help you count the ways…

1 – Productivity. How often are you working from home, perhaps in your pajamas until 11 am? Distractions, no, you don’t have any distractions! (the dog, the UPS delivery, another load of laundry, are the kids getting home already??)

2- Collaboration. Getting the team together to rehearse the big presentation? Can you effectively communicate and share visuals and edits via Skype call? How did the creation of the presentation go while you all worked remotely? What about ideation on a white board ahead of the design process? How did that go over on Skype?

3- Community. Wouldn’t it be nice, just a couple times a week, to bounce an idea off of someone other than a member of your own work team, your spouse or significant other, or your inner monologue? Maybe that savvy business person you know while lining up at the coffee shop? Nah. Too public and that doesn’t really allow us to have the right conversation.

At LifeWorking Coworking, we believe in providing the place, the amenities, the technology and managed environment to enable your most productive marginal minute.

Our on-going list of events focus on building knowledge as well as community: B4 Work through the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber the second and fourth Friday of the month; “What’s Hanging” quarterly Art Exhibits featuring local artists; and our upcoming “Laugh Working” Guffaws for a Cause in November, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

We are built for collaboration with your colleagues. Two of our meeting rooms are enabled for video conferencing and our most creative, Ideation room, includes a whiteboard wall for capturing your big ideas.

We welcome you to Come In – Sit Down – Get to Work!

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