Chocolate Chips Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Lake County, IL. The mission is to instill a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Art and Math (S.T. E².A.M.™) in girls, with a goal of increasing interests in related careers among underrepresented girls.

Chocolate Chips Association

Byers Holding LLC is a rapid-growth manufacturing company that provides printing, mailing and other services to governments and private sector customers across the Midwest and beyond. Byers Holding currently has 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries: Michigan Election Resources (MER), Creekside Printing and Byers Printing Co.

Byers Holding

Our consultants are experienced in engineering, validation, and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. Clients work with us to implement new projects from concept through execution. We also provide auditing services and contract staffing for specialized needs.
cGMP Consulting provides outstanding customer service and support. We have served clients in a number of FDA regulated industries.

cGMP Consulting

The O'Brien Veterinary Group was founded on the idea that veterinary medicine is best left to veterinarians. With our very first practice and every day since, we have focused on running the "back end” business centrally, with each practice individually determining the kind of veterinary practice that's best for their patients, clients, and communities.

O’Brien Veterinary Group

Portage Plastics (PPC) is a multi-national thermoforming company, unique in that it is a highly developed thermoforming company, vertically integrated, utilizing its human resource, capital, and equipment assets to the fullest. PPC thermoforms a multitude of plastic products, custom designed for many specialized markets, such as Food, Medical Packaging, Personal Care, Automotive, Retail Hardware, Agricultural, Consumer, and Industrial Electronics

Portage Plastics

Bridging the Gap with Patient Advocacy. Securing Academic Medicine for Workers’ Compensation Patients.
In many cases, the finest academic medical centers of excellence across the United States find it very difficult to provide treatment to workers’ compensation patients. R&Q Healthcare Interests, LLC. breaks down that barrier.

R & Q Health

Write the book you were born to write. Film your documentary. Draw your story on your walls in art. Unearth the language of your purpose. Shout your customers' successes. Shift your culture by inviting a new story into your organization. Evolve the story of your leadership. Transform your community by allowing others to see themselves in your story. Welcome to the table.

Round Table Companies

Established in 2015.
We have been managing property in a professional capacity for 13 years. During this time, we have built our model to solve the issues our tenants and landlords face every day. Our unfair advantage is the combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, and dedication to providing guidance and service to our customers and clients.

Wilder Management Inc

We help clients deliver successful business transformation, system integration, and other critical projects needing organizational change. We understand our clients’ vision and we deliver personalized results using a proven methodology and a pragmatic approach.

Ignite Consulting


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“Moving to LifeWorking Coworking really stepped up my professional game. The environment is professional, modern, clean and contemporary. While I have a studio at home, I really enjoy networking with others in a collaborative space.”

Kathleen Weinstein

Kathleen Weinstein Photography

“Moving from my home office to LifeWorking Coworking brought balance and focus to my work, and boosted my productivity by 30%. When I’m here, I’m completely here. And when I’m at home, I’m completely at home.”

Tom Fletcher

Sales Director, Fujifilm

“At LifeWorking Coworking, I’m able to be laser focused and don’t have the distractions and expense of managing an office. It’s honestly added an extra zero to my monthly income.”

John Gynn

Attorney John Gynn

“I spent the first 18 months building my business from the kitchen table, the walk-in closet or any free space I could put a laptop. I needed to make home a home, not a workspace. The energy in our business changed the moment we moved to LifeWorking Coworking. ”

Debbie Pickus

Founder, Team Fireball

“I needed a professional space where I could focus intently on building a new business, and meet with coworkers, distributors and customers. What I didn’t need was a full-time office, the headache of a long-term lease, or the distractions of having to set all that up.”

Kristen Weisberg

Owner, Essential Oils