March 29, 2023
How Outdoor Time Benefits Your Team AND Your Business 

It’s no surprise, but in today’s economic climate, business owners and managers are looking for ways to get the most from their employees – after all, they are your most valuable asset. That means looking after them is critically important to their health, as well as the health of your business. 

You might be thinking, “The health of my business is tied to employee health?” 

Absolutely. In fact, statistics show that healthier employees create a more productive workplace. And of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that more productivity equals a better business outcome. While healthier employees also have better morale, call in sick fewer times, and tend to focus better on their work, they also feel respected and appreciated when their employer supports health-producing activities.  

Fortunately, there is one very simple strategy that you can try out today to help increase the health and wellbeing of your team and is perfect for the lovely spring season: Creating time for outdoor activities in the workday.  

Just a Little Time Outside Translates into Better Focus, Productivity, and Health 

Helping your team find time to fit in a little outdoor activity during the workday might seem like a radical idea, but it’s one that pays big dividends in the form of health, well-being, and boosted energy that helps spur productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. Here are some other things you should know about the benefits of outdoor activities: 

Outdoor Time Provides Measurable Health Benefits 

Daily exposure to the great outdoors helps employees reap big benefits when it comes to health. For example, exposing skin to sunlight will improve Vitamin D creation, helping to improve immune function, which, in turn, can result in fewer sick days. Natural light can also help reduce seasonal depression and reduce anxiety as well as help encourage improved sleep. Good sleep hygiene is important for proper cognitive functioning and helps employees focus and make better decisions. In addition, proper sleep can help reduce at-work accidents caused by fatigue.  

Science Shows a Connection Between Outdoor Activity and Productivity 

When sunlight reaches the photoreceptors in our eyes, it sends energetic information to our brains, causing a release of chemicals that can help us function better. In fact, just two hours spent outside during a week can have a positive effect on health. One study found that just a half hour outdoors per day can improve productivity by a whopping 45%. Also important is the fact that going outside and recharging helps to “reset” your brain and assist in increasing focus for projects later in the day.  

Flexible Workspaces Factor into the Productivity Equation 

Offering a flexible workspace for employees can help your team function better. Shared workspaces that help promote remote work or hybrid work environments are key, as they boost productivity through a dynamic new environment. In addition, team members using shared work environments often find inspiration in meeting and collaborating with new people. 

Adding the Power of the Outdoors to Your Team’s Workday 

You can encourage your team to take advantage of some outdoor time during lunch breaks or other short breaks throughout the day. The time is cumulative, so even five or ten minutes spent outside can help improve concentration and health. When you provide flexible workspaces, it can be easier for employees to take advantage of that flexibility to fit in some fresh air. Restaurants and cafes within walking distance offer a great opportunity to go on a short walk during the day. You can grab a refreshing beverage and then head to the parks and green spaces located close by to relax, breathe, unwind, or even do a little spontaneous yoga or power walking.  

How LifeWorking Can Help Your Team Access the Great Outdoors 

Helping your team to stay happy and healthy does more than just boost their immunity and resilience — it also contributes to a more positive work environment that boosts creativity, productivity, and collaboration. Having a flexible workspace is conducive to all these benefits, especially when it’s located close to parks or other walkable places, just like LifeWorking. 

At LifeWorking, we offer state-of-the-art shared workspaces that bring together technology with all the amenities your employees need for better job satisfaction, including proximity to green spaces such as West Park. And, we go even further by offering showering facilities, so if your employees want to go for a run, power walk, or do some body weight exercise in the park, they can return, refresh, and get back into the groove. 

Want to check out our amazing layouts, amenities, and more? Just book a tour today and one of our team members will show you how our workspaces can help your team be better, healthier, and more productive in no time. You can even get your first day pass for free. 

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