Health & Safety (COVID-19)

Face Coverings

Face Coverings Are required when you are unable to socially distance. If you are 6 ft. away or in your own private office space or phone booth, you do not need to wear a face covering. LifeWorking will provide masks upon entry if you do not have one.

Not Feeling Well

Not Feeling Well – Please stay at home and do not enter the building. If you have had any symptoms associated with Covid-19 in the last 14 days, you will be denied access.


Temperature – Employees, members, and all guests will be required to have their temperature taken at the front desk. Temperatures of 99.9 degrees or lower can enter. Anyone 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted to LifeWorking and must stay home for at least 72 hours before returning.

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing – Everyone must sign-in and out at the front desk for contact tracing.

Physical/Social Distancing

Physical/Social Distancing- Please practice physical distancing by staying 6 feet away from others, including your visit to the front desk.


Cleaning – Please wipe down surfaces and handles in the phone booths, conference rooms and café before and after use, or ask staff for assistance. In addition, staff will be disinfecting most commonly touched surfaces many times throughout the day. Disinfectant wipes and gloves will be provided.  

Hand Sanitizing

Hand Sanitizing – Often! Hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies are placed around the office for your use. We will refill them, so do not throw away any empty bottles. Also, practice diligent and thorough hand washing.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning – A special deep clean serviced LifeWorking prior to reopening. We have a new and improved cleaning regimen. The facilities will be serviced three times per week, using hospital-grade supplies and techniques. HVAC filters have also been replaced and will be changed more often.


Seating – Seating has been reduced and areas marked to promote physical distancing.


Occupancy – Recommended occupancy of our Conference, Ideation, Creative Studio, and Café have been reduced for physical distancing.


Café – Please wipe down appliances in Café before and after use. We will be temporarily suspending the usage of all communal dishware and cutlery. Disposable alternatives will be provided. Cold drinks will be on the Café counter to limit access to the refrigerator.


Mail – Curbside pick-up is available. Please call once you are outside our front lobby entrance.


Staff – Only one staff member will sit at the front desk, with other staff elsewhere in the space to accommodate physical distancing.


Signage – You will see signs throughout the office on doors, tabletops, and flooring reminding our LifeWorking community of the new Health and Safety rules and procedures.