February 19, 2019
Good for your Heart – February Holidays

As we close out the month of February, you may have known it is American Hearth Month. All things heart related.

But there are other reasons to love February with many other holidays and “holidays” to observe and enjoy!

February holidays

Heart Health Month. Celebrating GoRed for Women – the American Heart Association’s campaign. Per their website, it was “Launched in 2004 as a campaign to raise awareness among women about their greatest health threat, Go Red quickly grew into an international movement, uniting millions of women with a common goal: to eradicate heart disease and stroke in women all over the world.”

Black History Month. The Federal website, featuring stories about the African American experience. Acknowledging the struggles and celebrating the contributions of scientists, artists, inventors, activists, business professionals, athletes, soldiers, teachers, technicians and everyday citizens making the mosaic of our country rich and more robust.

Groundhog’s Day. The hope of Spring. After our grueling Winter, we need the reminder that tulips and daffodils are just around the corner.

Valentine’s Day. And “Galentine’s Day”. Count the many ways your friends and loved ones have contributed to your happiness!

President’s Day. A great time to reflect on the men (so far) who have led this country from the founding to present day. Consider how their specific strengths at pivotal moment’s in our history have made the United States an exceptional experiment in democracy.

And the other “holidays” we celebrate in the U.S.:

Super Bowl Sunday. Get out the jerseys, the beer, the chili (or nachos, or wings). Dance to the half-time show and shout loudly at the big screen!

The Grammy’s. Incredible performances and over-the-top costumes.

The Oscar’s. Best Fashion. Oops – I mean best acceptance speeches!

We hope you got them all in!

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