Our Alliance with Fresh Start Business Incubator

The Strategic Alliance between LifeWorking Coworking & Fresh Start Business Incubator is a combination of LifeWorking’s community-centric “place-making” and FSBI’s proven incubator and accelerator models with the objective to deliver a truly unique community innovation ecosystem, with a strong value proposition and distinctive resources.

Our Mission

Innovate with

The Alliance of FSBI and LWCW provides our Diverse community of Small Businesses (non-profit, entrepreneurs, growth, lifestyle, women, veteran and minority-owned) with the Confidence, Expertise and Resources to succeed. We will do this by providing Mentorship, Advisory and Capital resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners through collaboration with like-minded Community Partners.

What Can We Do For You?

  • A Helping Hand

    A small business and non-profit Incubation process, education and training opportunities focused on entrepreneurship, small business growth and resilience.

  • A Supporting Community

    A diverse set of community-relevant events and programming: Fresh Start Presents education series, Industry panels, Pitch Nights, Community awareness and engagement, philanthropic and non-profit events.

  • A Sounding Board

    A broad network of entrepreneurs, industry & community leaders and professional advisors.

  • A Financing Option

    Corporate sponsorship, micro-funding/lending and grant funding mechanisms for incubator and accelerator clients and student startups.

  • New Opportunities

    Time and financial Impact investment opportunities, with an emphasis on underserved communities and minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses.

  • A Home For Ideas

    A “place” purpose built for ideation, creativity, productivity and community “dot-connecting”.

Take your First Step Today

Contact us for more information about our Incubator and Accelerator programs, events, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.

Recent Alliance Events

Mentor Open House

Fresh Start Mentors recognize the significance that small and minority-owned businesses contribute to the local community and the economy. As such, they’re willing to volunteer their expertise to help see these businesses thrive.  Mentoring with Fresh Start will put you in touch with growing organizations in need of your...

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Interview with David Rambhajan: Veteran & Small Business Advocate

Join us for an interview with David Rambhajan, a veteran, successful entrepreneur, and small business advocate, who has helped mentor and uplift many veteran and minority-owned businesses in our community. Learn more about David’s path to success and strategy for business growth in this exclusive interview. When: Thursday, April 22nd,...

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Interview with the Founder of LWCw and the President of FSBI

Join us on an interview with Steve Whittington, Founder and CEO of LifeWorking Coworking, and John Edgcomb, President of Fresh Start Business Incubator, as they share their vision for their strategic partnership and why they believe that now is the right time. When: Thursday, March 18th, 2021 5:00 PM – 6:00PM CT Where: Online event: https://us02web.zoom.us/s/86311811441 Cost: FREE...

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