Apr 20, 2018
7:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Develop, Activate, and Amplify your Personal Brand: A Half-Day Workshop

Hosted by JD Gershbein


JD GERSHBEIN HEADSHOTJD Gershbein Facilitates Workshop


Businesspeople today are looking for any kind of edge, some feature or factor that will help them stand out and keep them one step ahead of the competition. Whereas the social platforms have leveled the playing field, the rewards go to those that differentiate their offerings, separate from the pack and keep their message relevant.

One thing is certain in today’s Digital Age:
A competitive advantage is gained through conscientious and deliberate personal branding. 

Building a strong brand does not happen overnight; rather, it is a daily challenge that requires discipline, preparation, and critical thinking. The process begins with the right mindset and extends to the faithful execution of a strategic plan. Invariably, it requires regular positive feedback from mentors and trusted peers.

During this powerful and transformational workshop, you will be exposed to powerful techniques and exercises that will help you embrace your uniqueness and move you to new thinking about the professional value you provide. You will learn how to tell a better, more compelling story and how to leverage that story to win new business or advance your career.


As a result of participating in this workshop, you will be in better position to leverage your personal brand and set realistic business and/or career goals. You will learn how to:

♦ Identify your key areas of value to potential clients and strategic alliances

♦ Create a uniquely identifiable and appealing online personal brand

♦ Effectively express and market your thought leadership online via original content

♦ Approach and connect with more decision-makers and economic buyers

♦ Assemble a fertile, opportunity-rich professional network

♦ Drive more meaningful real-world conversations about your products, services, niche, or company culture

♦ Request and leverage testimonials from clients and colleagues that will boost your credibility

♦ Deliver your brand promise with more authority and confidence

This workshop is designed for executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, boutique professional service providers (attorneys, accountants, consultants), value creators (speakers, authors, innovators), high-performing salespeople, and professionals in career transition who:

♦ Realize the importance of personal branding in making key connections and generating opportunities

♦ Wish to create a competitive advantage in their industries and markets or at their companies

♦ Are frustrated by their current state of personal brand and wish to gain clarity on their marketing message

♦ Have multiple businesses or ventures and are unsure as to how to best consolidate them into a single brand

♦ Want to understand the value of video and public speaking in building a marketable brand


Lake Forest’s own Kathleen Weinstein, Principal of Katheleen Weinstein Photography, will be on hand to capture your best side and deliver a headshot that will truly energize your personal brand.

Do not underestimate the value of a professionally-done headshot in today’s competitive business environment. LinkedIn is where businesspeople live and your LinkedIn profile is where you are going to be referenced first. A terrific headshot can make you; a poor one can break you.


7:30 AM – 8:00 AM
Time to coffee up! Registration and networking.

WORKSHOP begins promptly at 8:00 AM and runs to about 11:00 AM.
Attendees will receive ample opportunities to converse with JD one-on-one to address any specific challenges they are facing in their current personal branding strategy. 

Yes, many events state this to encourage registration. Truth is, space IS limited and we need to cap the number of attendees in order to promote session engagement and maximize the learning experience.

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