July 27, 2023
These 2023 Event Trends Will Help You Enhance Your Next Corporate Event

The pandemic took a toll on corporate events — and corporate event venues — as many companies turned to digital event planning and execution to keep their attendees informed in a safe way. Now, in-person events are back along with an exciting new way to reach people — hybrid events. A hybrid event combines in-person, live elements, a virtual component, and an opportunity for networking. Both in-person and hybrid events are the perfect way to expand your reach, elevate your brand marketing, and generate more interest in your product or service. New event trends in 2023 make event planning and production even more exciting — and more lucrative for businesses.

3 Event Trends in 2023 That Can Help You Produce Events with More Impact

Event planning is a dynamic industry that is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the latest trends in event planning can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver events that are fresh, exciting, and engaging.

Paying attention to trends in event planning can also help you identify new opportunities for growth and innovation. By staying on top of emerging technologies, changing consumer preferences, and shifting industry dynamics, you can adapt your strategies to meet the evolving needs of your clients. In this section, we will explore some key reasons why it’s important to pay attention to trends in event planning.

Focus on Cost Savings

The cost-per-attendee for events is on the rise, keeping pace with growing inflation. Last year, costs were up 25% from 2019, with numbers projected to rise another 7% this year. This means that event organizers are focusing on finding a corporate event venue that will help them get the impact they need at a greater return on investment (ROI). Small event venues are becoming more popular as they offer significant cost savings over their larger counterparts.

Early Planning and Venue Sourcing is Key

As we mentioned, in-person events are back in business and this surge is spiking new interest in event venues. This greater demand for event space and a looming staffing shortage means planning ahead and getting your event venue in place as soon as possible are both critical for success.

Digital Elements Will Be Important

Even in-person events will have digital elements, allowing for a more versatile format. Digital touchpoints at in-person events or planned hybrid events give marketers the opportunity to gain more insight into attendee interests and interact with a wider audience.

So, What Makes a Great Event?

A successful event is not just down to planning — it is also about the dynamics of the event. Great events offer places where people can find pertinent information that can help them in their businesses, but also mix this with social interaction and networking. Genuine connection seems to be a hallmark of a great event, so your event venue should be one that facilitates this kind of synergy. Events should encourage idea exchange, cooperation, and networking and engage as many of the senses as possible. For this reason, adding a digital element to your event with creative visuals can bring a sense of drama and add impact. Consider offering snacks or drinks to engage the senses of smell, taste, and even touch for a well-rounded, immersive experience.

Why You Should Care About Making Your Event Unique

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition. One way to differentiate your brand and create a lasting impression is by hosting a unique business event. A well-planned and executed event can leave a lasting impact on attendees, which can translate into increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Making your business event unique is not just about creating a memorable experience for attendees; it’s also about achieving your business objectives. Whether you are looking to generate leads, build relationships with customers or partners, or launch a new product, a unique event can help you achieve these goals in an effective way. By investing time and resources into creating a unique event, you demonstrate that your company values innovation and creativity. This can help position your brand as an industry leader and attract new customers who are looking for something different.

How LifeWorking Can Elevate Your Next Event

Whether you are celebrating the launch of a new product or service, generating buzz about your business, cultivating relationships among colleagues or customers, or positioning your brand as an authority in your industry, we have the perfect corporate event venue for you.

Our facilities are state of the art, allowing you to add digital elements to your in-person event or create a powerful hybrid experience for your attendees. We offer rooms of varying sizes to match any event planning budget and help you keep costs under control, and we can provide access to the technology you need to improve impact and maximize creativity. Importantly, we have the space, staff, and tools to help you make your next event unique, assisting you in standing out from your competition and offering your audience a next-level experience.

Need a corporate event venue for your next event? Just book a tour today to explore our space and let one of our team members assist you in creating an event to remember.

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