June 14, 2018
Community is a Collaborative Work of Art

We acknowledge that this is a clear “borrowing” of the incredibly inspirational and poignant “Love is a Collaborative Work of Art” from linguists Mark Johnson and George Lakoff from their ground-breaking “Metaphors We Live By”.

When we talk about Community we know that it really is an act of faith (and love) and discipline to be a member of a community and an act of courage as the newbie to an established enclave of people. (Can we say in-laws?)

LifeWorking Coworking was a new community, built in 2015 from a vision that people work best in an environment where they can collaborate when they wish, focus solo when necessary and present with panache when that crucial meeting is scheduled. In short, we are here to support your dreams, goals, passions, listen to your frustrations and celebrate your victories.

But it doesn’t exist in a bubble.

Borrowing again from Lakoff and Johnson:

  • Community takes discipline
  • Community takes patience
  • Community relies on YOUR contribution
  • Community takes dedication

The Community is created by its Members.

Each LifeWorking Coworking Community (with more to come in 2019) will reflect the Member preferences, workstyles, values, region and village where it will be located. But it’s so much more than a space.

It’s a PLACE

  • An expression of who you are
  • Involves creativity
  • Cannot be achieved by formula
  • Reflects how you see the world

Each day, we want to learn more about what you like, what is working, what’s not working, what we can change or improve and what we shouldn’t mess with –AT ALL. We are bringing new amenities online in the next few weeks to make your life easier or a bit more frictionless.

Together, let’s make a Masterpiece!

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