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The Community Innovation Collaborative (CIC) Business Incubator sprouted by LifeWorking is a combination of LifeWorking’s community-centric “place-making” and CIC’s proven incubator and accelerator models with the objective to deliver a truly unique community innovation ecosystem, with a strong value proposition and distinctive resources.

Our Mission

Innovate with

The Alliance of CIC Business Incubator and LifeWorking provides our Diverse community of Small Businesses (non-profit, entrepreneurs, growth, lifestyle, women, veteran and minority-owned) with the Confidence, Expertise and Resources to succeed. We will do this by providing Mentorship, Advisory and Capital resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners through collaboration with like-minded Community Partners.

What Can We Do For You?

  • A Helping Hand

    A small business and non-profit Incubation process, education and training opportunities focused on entrepreneurship, small business growth and resilience.

  • A Supporting Community

    A diverse set of community-relevant events and programming: Fresh Start Presents education series, Industry panels, Pitch Nights, Community awareness and engagement, philanthropic and non-profit events.

  • A Sounding Board

    A broad network of entrepreneurs, industry & community leaders and professional advisors.

  • A Financing Option

    Corporate sponsorship, micro-funding/lending and grant funding mechanisms for incubator and accelerator clients and student startups.

  • New Opportunities

    Time and financial Impact investment opportunities, with an emphasis on underserved communities and minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses.

  • A Home For Ideas

    A “place” purpose built for ideation, creativity, productivity and community “dot-connecting”.

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