September 7, 2018
Carallel – a Unique and Exciting Member Story

We recently caught up with our Member, John Banta, Founder and Executive Chairman of Carallel, LLC, an early-stage company focused on serving family caregivers across the country. We share Carallel’s story as part of our series featuring the unique paths that our Members have taken to “Live Life. Do More.” We love to know what has motivated them and keeps them engaged in their work.

John, please describe what Carallel is all about?

Caregiving is really hard.  Carallel makes it easier.

Absolutely true, caregiving is really hard. Caregiving can be a complex web of physical and emotional support, coordination with healthcare providers, scheduling appointments, managing prescriptions, household chores, financial management and more. How does Carallel make it easier on caregivers?

We combine a robust workflow management web-application with a full-service concierge staffed by senior care experts – a powerful combination of touch and tech. The platform includes robust, curated educational content, as well as tools to complete tasks including management of key documents, coordinating care-team activities, bill-paying and photo storage. We have also curated comprehensive data on the nations senior care facilitates and in-home care providers, allowing users to conduct smart search to identify the best resources for their loved ones.  The service is delivered as a purpose-built employee assistance program to help caregivers effectively balance caregiving with work and family commitments.

The business was born out of my own experience and that of my siblings in caring for our elderly parents. My co-founder, and sister Hillary, and our 2 other siblings were thrust rather suddenly into a caregiving situation for our elderly parents.

We found the process daunting, and looked for solutions to help us. Finding none, we launched Carallel.Our entire team is similarly inspired by caregiving experiences in their own lives.

As you’ve ventured into this world of entrepreneurship and start-ups, share with us what you’ve found to be your greatest challenge in your business that you have overcome.

In any business – getting the culture and the people just right. Culture always trumps strategy and culture comes from two places: Clearly articulating a vision of how you want the team to function and; Finding people who fit with that vision. That’s a hard thing to do but it is at the heart of being able to be successful.

Yes, I can see that culture then helps drive strategy.

 As you’ve positioned your company to operate in a lean and effective way, why did you include your LifeWorking Coworking membership as a solution for your business?

LifeWorking  presents a highly professional face to our business even at a very early stage. The flexibility of the facilities and the comfort of the workspaces makes being early-stage an easy and pleasurable experience.

We appreciate all that you have shared about your experience and Carallel’s unique offering. In closing, what advice might you give another business that may be in start-up mode?

As an entrepreneur, it is much better to know what you don’t know than to know what you know. Make informed decisions by challenging yourself and your assumptions by asking those who have traveled similar paths, or who have relevant expertise.

You can find John and the team from Carallel working at LifeWorking Coworking and here online and at 833-227-2553

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